Courtship is a preamble of what your marriage will look like. Courtship is a pointer to some of those things that would eventually manifest in marriage.

What do you do/are you doing in courtship?  Do you just go to the cinema, to the beach, eateries and the likes? Is that all you do? Oh, Wonderful!

But I think you should do more than just that, those outings are indeed fabulous but why don’t you try going to seminars together. Praying together is also not a bad one. You could as well study the scriptures together.  Talk about the future, finances, your kids, read books together etc

When you do these things alongside going to movies and your almighty eateries, then it’s ok. I can say your relationship has a future.

But if all he does is take you out, give you the nicest treat and he has never for once involved you in a talk regarding the future, and when you ask he gets angry. My sister how many ears do you have? Watch it. I won’t say step out but I’ll tell you to use your head.

My brother, if all she knows how to do is to spend your money, she asks for Italian shoe, money today, Brazilian hair tomorrow, Chinese restaurant, dish a day after, without even seeing any reason why you should invest or save, my brother, she doesn’t see herself in your future. Otherwise, she will help see to it that you both invest into the future.

My brother, watch such lady closely and use your head.