“In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: it is more blessed to give than to receive”.

My dear uncle and teacher really did not want to collect the cheque, “Temi, I should be the one giving you son”. He is wealthy. Then he said to me, “I promised to help 3 people with this exact sum yesterday. I had cash for two and I just wondered how to get for the last one. Now you have brought it”.

He said, “You helped me to solve a problem”. And the prayer dropped, “Every time these people lift a voice of blessing, may you be the first partaker”.

I visited another teacher of mine once also when he visited the country. As I left him, I placed the token I had (about 2000 naira) in his back pocket. He smiled and said, “Temi, you are different. God bless you”. That meant a lot.

The relationship you have with those who bless you must never be parasitic. If all you are attracted to in people is money, that is all you will get and in beggarly doses (if they do not keep you at arm’s length).

Some people even choose a church because of the prospect of a job or contract. That is terrible! If your decisions in life are always tied to what you can get and not what you can give, you will always be at the level of struggling for survival while your colleagues are aiming for significance.

Stop writing and texting every relative you have abroad for help. Do you know how many of such requests they get?

Turn the table around. Send them encouraging words. Get a gift for them when they come home. Must you always go with the “What did you bring?” mentality.

Stop thinking like a “taker”. Become a giver today.


I am a giver.


In the name of Jesus, Lord, enlarge my heart. Make me a blessing to many, including my teachers.