By Lee Bastin

As we get old, our vision starts to have problems. Before, you might have had 20-20 vision despite not wearing corrective glasses. Now that you are old, you need to wear eyeglasses to see things from afar, or for reading. You can speed up the possibility of having these vision issues if you are not doing the right thing to protect your eyes.

Not wearing sunglasses

You need to wear sunglasses to keep your eyes protected from exposure to UV rays. There are sunglasses with UV-blocking properties. You might not feel like you need them as you head out of your house, but you do. The use of sunglasses adds another layer of defence. For those who already have vision issues, sunglasses are essential.

Wearing old contact lenses

Whether you use contact lenses to avoid wearing eyeglasses or for fashion purposes, you need to make sure that you follow the rules. If the lenses are only valid for a day, you can’t wear them the next day. Yes, they are pricey, and you want to make the most out of your money. However, you will end up hurting your eyes in your effort to save money. As soon as you finish using them or they are beyond the expiration date, you need to throw them away.

Rubbing your eyes

When your eyes are itchy, wash your face with clean water. You may also use eye drops. Avoid using your fingers to rub the itch away. It does not help at all since you are transferring the bacteria from your fingers to your eyes. Instead of solving the problem, you end up making things worse. If you can’t find anything near you, try to cry the debris away. Your tears can help wash away the dust and dirt.

Using expired makeup

You need to be selective with the cosmetics you use on your face. Check them first before using each day. For mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliners, you need to be extra careful. If they are beyond the expiry date, and you still used them, your eyes could get hurt. Once the eyeshadow starts to get clumpy, you need to throw it away.

Staring at your phone all day

You need to control the number of hours that you use your smartphone. If possible, set a time for you to use the mobile device. You also need to do the same thing for other electronic devices. You are hurting your eyes if you continuously use your phone. You might notice that you start feeling tired even if you do not do any physical activity. Your eyes also begin to tear up. The use of smartphone hurts the eyes because it produces radiation. The eyes are the first victims of the said radiation due to direct exposure.

The good thing is you can protect yourself using EMF protection or Electromagnetic Field protective devices. They help block the radiation so that it won’t enter your eyes.

You need to change your ways now if you want to have clear vision as you get older.