Late Reverend John Owo Akinfenwa

By Matthew Akinfenwa


He travelled on a mission, accomplished the mission, travelling back from the mission field, GOMBE ROUTE TO LAGOS. Still decided to share the vision of the Bible about the kingdom of God to the large number of passengers of a big young shall grow luxurious bus, which he did successful.

After a stopover in Edo where every passenger has to alight, he alighted, ease and sat down to relax. When the driver signal the time to continue the journey, all the excited passengers (to the word of God) called on Baba to let’s go. Baba told them “I WANT TO REST A BIT”. The whole passengers rally round for immediate assistance, rushed around to get a nearby aids. Before they could rush him to the far-near general hospital, Baba has ACTUALLY RESTED.

We were told by the co-travelers that: “He preached, prayed in the bus really as someone who has seen the glorious end. We were all excited at the man of God. No doubt, he has gone home.”

This report, plus the doctor’s and the Police confirmation has poured a little bam of Gilead into our souls.

I thank everyone of you who have been wondering how such should happen so unnoticed to a great man of the people like him.

Sleep on Beloved till the resurrection morning.