“Don’t you know that you are God’s temple and that God’s spirit lives in you?”

We were driving back into town. It had been a great ride with Dad. Then I noticed something I used to do as a young child. I smiled to myself.

The car that was in front of us had gathered quite some dust. The screen at the back was not left out. Someone had played pranks, using the dust as a platform, wrote these words: “Please, tell my owner to wash me. I am dirty”

I had a good laugh but I froze when it struck me. I am God’s temple. I am His house. I cannot afford to be unclean. I cannot clean up myself – I must learn to always return to the owner for check-up and cleansing.

When I travel the roads on this journey, I gather the dusts of doubt at times. Sometimes, it is the dust of discouragement. At times, it is the dust of my lustful desires.

But I must learn to get back into the Word of God. The dust will pile up if I do not clean up. I must get back into the place of prayer and settle those matters that the Mirror of the Word has revealed as a weakness.

I must be in church so I get pruned as I give God my best. I must fast so I do not keep feeding on dead things. I need to clean up my system.

If you notice that your appetite for the Word of God is now like waiting till Christmas for Chicken and prayer is now an icing on the cake of all your other activities (not to mention soul winning) or you are now short-tempered, you are caked with dust – Get to the Car Wash fast.

You do not wash a car on motion. Friend, park that car, take out time and give it some attention. Do some thorough scrubbing.

If some of us learn to give attention to our lives like we do with our cars, we would be the better for it. No matter how lazy you are, you cannot stand a stinking car filled with junks from last week’s visit to the mall?

Does that describe your state spiritually? Shut down motions. Do some clean up. And do it all the time.


I give God my best. I am daily renewed.


Lord, I submit myself daily for cleansing and purification daily.