It is the wisdom and idea of God that government and kingdoms should be established for the goodwill of the oppressed, cheated, and those in the captivity of slavery under fellow human being. This idea is such that will bring justice to everyone through the authority of God. God now goes ahead to elect/appoint men filled with the scopes of governing, rich in understanding of leadership, kind-hearted enough to vindicate the poor and the less-privileged, zealous and ambitious to rule and govern His people in the fear of God. He put upon them His spirit of guidance that they may also rule according to His will and purposes.

The style of ruler ship according to the biblical age only requires that God, through His servants the prophet or priest appoints and anoints whomever He chooses to be a king or ruler (see 1Sam. 16:1-13) unlike the modern system of mass voting.

Civilization penetrated the modern world and men introduced a more seemingly efficient way of leadership and governance.

These men that assume seat of authority through their seeming efficient idea of governance are now referred to as politicians.

Christianity grew extensively through the redemptive plan of God through His Son Jesus Christ towards all mankind even through the corruption and infiltration of evil upon earth. This engaged the heart of men so much that they desired and were prompted to regard political activities which has also adopted worldly pattern and approaches of governance for the promise of a better kingdom and government. They are also anointed and appointed to a greater and better task of salvation and redemption of the world at large from it perverseness. Very quickly, men of the world engaged themselves fully in politics with zero knowledge of the God ordained leadership and ruler ship scope.

As the salvation and redemptive plan of God that Jesus came to accomplish quickly drifted most committed Christians away from the government and kingdom of the world, the devil gain an upper hand to push his agents to places of authority who in turn abuse the main reason of ruler ship and governance. They assumed offices of power to oppress all men under the burden of their governance, not even the wealthy or Christians are spared. With this awkward, devastating and demoralizing attitudes of these black sheep within the corridor of power, the very ‘spiritual’ Christians concludes that politics shouldn’t be what a truly committed believer should engage in, (so the meat meant for the son is now giving to the dog) instead of proffering a long lasting solution, and stripping off power from the power abusers through intensive prayer and diligent work to regain power and rule in the fear and establishment of God’s idea of governance.

It is high time prominent men of God and very capable churches started encouraging, supporting and sponsoring honest and faithful politically ambitious members to engage in politics providing them with adequate leadership knowledge and skills and bringing them to an understanding that all power are ordained of and giving by God (Rom 13 vs. 1) and also be trained on how power and authority can be used for the interest of God and his people.

When this comes to reality, there is a great possibility that there will be a great turnaround in the leadership and political sector of all nations of the world as able and knowledgeable men well equipped with the necessary moral scruples will be behind the wheel of nations, and in this sense, integrity, transparency, truthfulness and righteousness will be restored and this will be an open-heaven and avenue for the church to lead the affairs of the nation in godliness. This also will establish the Righteousness that exalts nations.