“No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it”.

My wife served me a cup of a blend of pineapple and watermelon juice- it was so refreshing. I asked for more.

Then it occurred to me how much time she had spent with the juice extractor after peeling the fruits, cutting and trying to remove the seeds. It took nothing less than two hours.


Friend, nothing pure comes cheap. Diluted options are always cheaper. As a Pastor, cheap teachings are easy to come by. But it adds no value to your church. I have been lazy before.

Giving the best takes time and effort. You are not spending time in prayer and the word and you want to sound like those who do – you will soon be off the scene. There are men who are dead but their works are still speaking. They paid the price. While men slept, they worked hard.

You are not investing in personal development and you desire to pass on life lessons. It does not come by wearing suit, buying data and using it as display picture. If you do not spend time digging your own well, do not envy those who do.

The grass looks green on the other side because someone is taking care of it. Another man’s wife looks attractive because she has a husband by deed and not by mouth.

Pure juices are not cheap – it takes time.

I hated peeling oranges, pineapples or watermelon but I want the juices. At times, I eat the oranges while soaking in the fumes of the skin. Not funny!

Do you invest in your growth? Do you buy books and read them? Do you invest in prayer and the Word? Do you study and research your field?

Does your Spirit mean more to you than your flesh? Does your mind mean more to you than your face?


I spend time in preparation. I am diligent in execution.


Father, grant me grace to pay the price needed for a glorious result.