“As new born babes, desire the sincere milk of the word that you may grow thereby”.

We were just some few days into our honeymoon when my wife took ill. We were trying to manage her health but we ended up visiting a pharmacy.

The pharmacist noticed we were a young couple and rather than give us certain drugs recommended that we visited the clinic.

She was being careful in case my wife was pregnant. Well! At the long run, the sickness was stress induced and not pregnancy but we were careful.

When you are full of expectations, you must equally be full of caution.

Every day is pregnant, be careful what you feed on.

If you feed your fear, your faith will have no expression.

If you feed on the Word of God, your heart will enjoy stability. If you feed your lust, you will soon have to find your way back to the cross.

If you feed suspicions, you will be full of superstitions and you would never feel secure. If you feed on God’s Word, then love, peace and joy will fill your heart.

This is another pregnant day, what will you feed on?


I feed my faith and not fear. I feed on the word and my heart is stable.


Lord, help me to feed on the right things at all times. Amen.