“Preach the word, be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage- with great patience and careful instruction”.

I ran the traffic light. Some traffic officers blocked the vehicle in a commando style. I kept wondering whether the offense was more than that.

One of the officers requested for my car documents. Seeing that it was intact, he stated that I would need to get to their office. I did not argue.

As we drove, I had a prompting to preach to him. I hesitated but I did eventually- “Sir, I know I am guilty of traffic offence and I would pay a fine today at the worst. But do you know that one a day you will pay a fine with your life if you do not know Jesus? If you die today, do you have an assurance of heaven?”

At that point, he was perplexed. A man meant to beg is preaching the gospel.

Then I saw this scripture recently: “They preached with JOYFUL URGENCY that LIFE CAN BE RADICALLY DIFFERENT” (Mark 6:12 Msg)

One thing that we cannot joke with any more is the “Urgency of preaching to souls”. It must be done joyfully. You cannot have joy doing what you have not started.

We must not joke with it. Whether it is comfortable or not, the gospel must be preached.

Lover of Christ, Worker in Church, when was the last time you led a soul to Christ? When was the last time you preached the gospel? Do not get comfortable!


I am empowered to witness. I do it with joyful urgency. Lives are transformed.


Lord, grant me grace to be a faithful witness of the gospel. Amen.