Oftentimes we fight battles ignorantly, we fight battles blindly. We fast and pray over battles that we brought upon ourselves. We are sometimes architects of our own problems yet we bind and cast the devil that is sitting down on his own jejeli (gently). Whereas we ourselves are the devil (All of us that used to lie on the devil, accusing him of things he knew nothing of, he is there watching us in 3D o… (Smiling)

We point accusing fingers to people when in fact they are innocent.


Can we at this point sit down and check those areas where we’ve been like ‘Bamidele’ in Mount Zion’s ‘ABEJOYE’. Enough of the problems we’ve brought upon ourselves. Let’s not be the enemy of ourselves. And if one way or the other we have caused or brought negative happenings upon ourselves, our God is a merciful God. He is ready to restore us.

But the question is have we even been able to discover those problems we brought upon ourselves??

Don’t wait for someone to discover for you that the problem is ‘YOU’, CHECK YOUR LIFE, THE SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEM MIGHT JUST BE ‘YOU’.