“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went o to a solitary place, where he prayed”.

While we were young, one of the things or seasons we hated was the dry season- water was scarce. There were some wells down the road not too far from the house.

At the peak of the dry season, people will come from long distances to fetch at the well. If we were not careful, those of us closest to the well would get nothing from the well.

Friends, there were times that mum would wake us up as early 2am or 3am to get to the well to fetch water for the house. It was tough but in the morning, we had our drums filled. We had water to cook, to bath and other things. Friends, one of the ways to walk through the dry season of our spiritual walk with God is to master the night. While others are waking up 6am for a casual devotion, get the finest from the well – go to the well while it is dark, while men are still enjoying their sleep and draw as much as you can.

Jesus would wake up long before dawn and go to the well of fellowship to draw vision and strength for each day. If you sleep all night, you will get to the well in the morning and it will be too busy.

Do you notice how you wake up 5.30am or 6am and your schedule for the day begins to compete with quality time at the well? The cry of babies, the pressure of traffic, the fear of query at work for lateness, the meals for the day and all. Even Pastors are not left out.

You will have no water to bath if you do not get to the well early – you will not be refreshed. The stench of yesterday and its stress will be written all over you.

If you are not at the well early enough, you will not have water to cook – you will start looking for fast meals cooked by other people (canteens) – facebook posts, whatsapp messages and others. They are meant to be meal supplements and not a replacement.

Get to the well


I am an early riser. I am refreshed daily


Lord, lead me to the wells of inspiration.