“At least there is hope for a tree: if it is cut down, it will sprout again”

“There is time for everything; and a season for every activity under the heavens”.

I still do not know where I learnt it from – memories fail me. However, I remember how we would cut branches of one of the flowers in our compound called Croton with its leaves still on it, fill a bottle with water and then dip the branch inside.

There were occasions when the leaves would remain fresh and fine but there were also times when the leaves would wither and dry up. I would mostly remove the stock and plant another in the bottle of water. I was not patient enough.

But there were some that I simply forgot there – the leaves have withered and dried but the stock was still in the bottle of water. Before you know it, you will see tiny nods emerging, it becomes buds and then tiny leaves begin to unfold. It excites me.

Friend, we will all go through process. There will be couples who will marry and have a baby in 9 months – Glory to God. But do not think that people who will have to wait like Zechariah and Elizabeth did anything wrong.

They love God just like you do. They pray and fast. They read up all they can. They consult specialists but still had no children (Luke 1:6,7).

Some will get a job right out of school. Some with better results will wait till a miracle happens – it is not because you are better.

Some will get married just like that. Some will wait for proposals that seem scarce – you are not better than them.

Our leaves may not all blossom at the same time. But no matter what, as long as we stay rooted like the stock in that bottle of water, there is a promise of a budding.

Hold on to the promises of God. Ask GOD to help you stay through till His Word is fulfilled.

Ask for strength not to compromise.

At the scent of water, your tree will still sprout.

Your leaves will not wither. You are bringing forth fruit in due season.

Thank God for where you are; do not pull out the stock impatiently.


I am sprouting. My leaves will not wither. I am bringing forth fruit in due season


Father, grant me grace to be patient in the place of waiting.

Lord, deliver me from a competitive spirit.