This world itself is politics, we can’t live without politics. It determines the existence of human beings, the growth of the communities and development of the world at large. Whenever you found more than one person politics exist, because there will definitely be decision to make and in making decision politics can’t be ignored.

What is politics? It is defined as “A methodology and activities associated with running a Government, an organisation or a movement”.

Also, politics as a “political manoeuvres or diplomacy between people, groups or organisation especially involving power, influence or conflict.

I will like you to know that politics is not just about government, it cuts across all walks of life, including family. In fact, politics starts from the family because it involves making critical decision or policy to make life better for the members of the family. If wrong decision or policy is made for people, it will result to no growth, no development for the people. So politics and the people cannot be separated because human are the ones involved in politics, in making policies or decisions. We need to be careful of people that are involved in politics because if we have wrong people in making our decisions we are not going to get far or better.

What is Christian? The word Christian was first found in the Bible, Acts 11:26 “The disciples were called Christians first in Antioch”. The word Christian means Christ like i.e. someone or people who have the attributes of Christ, (Love, gentleness, peace, etc). Let me ask a question, if someone possesses these attributes of Christ, what is wrong if such person gets involved in the politics of his or her country?

While I was a teenager the saying I used to hear was “politics is a dirty game”, “politics is like someone who wears white carrying palm oil”. Our churches never encouraged members to go into politics, what we do is only to pray but the Bible say work and pray. But for many decades Christians have only being praying for the betterment of this country but not working to make it better.

The question should a Christian involve in politics is very critical and sensible. I will like you to understand that it’s not until you go into government or contest for any election but in your organisation, bodies, unions you are part of those making decision. Before we check the scripture I want us know that not that Christians haven’t been involved in politics but we been having wrong people who are not knowledgeable with the standard of God; they are Christians by name and not by character, the Bible says by their fruits we shall know them. One more thing is that the church herself have not been involved by encouraging its members to be actively involved, the few that are in politics are by chance and were not properly equipped from the church.

I will base my analysis on this “when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice, but when the wicked beareth rule the people mourn (Proverb 29:2 KJV). Who is a righteous person? A righteous person can simply be called a Christ like person whom the Grace of God helped to be faithful and have integrity. In politics, the major attribute or character someone should possess is faithfulness and integrity because, politics is about power so when a righteous person has power he/she will be faithful to do what he has promised his people and make policies that will make life easier for them.

God is interested in people that are in authority. He’s concerned about our welfare after He created us, He wants better life for us and He had created everything we need only if we have people of integrity to make use of all what God has provided for us to make life easier and more comfortable to live. “Fill thine horn with oil and go, I will send thee to Jesse the Bethlehemite, for I have provided a king among his sons” 1Samuel 16:1b (KJV). The previous king has became unfaithful and God knows that His people deserve a better king, to provide such He had to bring in a faithful man in David. If we are to look at how David ruled the Israelites for 40 years, the people enjoyed the goodness of the land, everything he did was with the fear of God and the people were proud of him, he remains the best king Israel ever had.

We the Christians of today are not just to pray and criticise but to get actively involved in our nation’s politics. The Bible said “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”.  We know the truth and with the truth we can go into politics and deliver this nation from slavery. Let’s rise up and prove that politics is not a dirty game but the people currently are dirty. “We are the light of the world so let your light so shine”, I want to employ believers to get involved and the church to nurture, teach people to go into politics and shine their light.

God is counting on you to be the Gideon, David, Joseph, Daniel of this generation. He’s recruiting people like Nehemiah to rebuild the broken wall of Nigeria; won’t you answer the call of your maker?