Few weeks ago, a student arm of one Christian denomination held a retreat tagged ‘Even in Sodom’ when I saw the theme I couldn’t read a meaning to it until few days to the program.

What is Sodom? Sodom is a great city blessed with a lot of fertile land that are good for farming, it was truly a great city that was why Lot chose the place to continue is farming business after Abraham asked him to choose a place so as to avoid conflict between their servants, Genesis 13: 10. Despite the goodness of the land the people are wicked, the wickedness of the Sodomite was great that God couldn’t bear it any more.

The Sodomite: These are the indigene of Sodom but their character is nothing in relation to the land, Sodom is good, but the Sodomite were wicked. “Then the Lord said the outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is so great and their sins is so grievous” Gen. 18: 20. In Sodom, the Sodomite love sin, name any kind of sin you are looking for, you found it in Sodom, they know nothing else than sin, sexual immoralities, drunkenness, hatred, murdered, etc. During that period in Sodom it was like a sin for anyone not to sin. The sodomite were very wicked people, their wickedness knew no boundary. Abraham’s plea couldn’t save them from the destruction because God couldn’t get ten righteous men in the land of Sodom. Their wickedness knew no boundary. When the men of the city noticed that Lot had received some visitors, see what they did, “They called to Lot where the men who came to you tonight are? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them” Genesis 19: 5 (NIV). What we call gay today didn’t start now it has been from the beginning, I want to say that the ruler of Sodom legalized gay, they accepted homosexuality and they accepted all sort of sexual immoralities. Sodom would have spread these demonic acts to other neighbouring cities around, like we are experiencing in our own generation.

The Destruction: God basically destroyed the Sodomite before they started influencing the neighbouring cities. “Unless the Lord had left us some survivals we would have become like Sodom, we would have been like Gomorrah”, Isaiah 1: 19. God knew that in little time the people of Sodom would be moving to other cities for one reason or the other and He knew that if strong decision is not taken other cities around would became worst. This incident happened in the book of Genesis but up to the book of Revelation they kept making reference to it, Revelation 11: 8, “Their bodies will lie in the public square of the great city—which is figuratively called Sodom and Egypt—where also their Lord was crucified”. They became bad example for today’s generation but have we learnt anything yet from Sodom.

God couldn’t find ten righteous men that could save the whole land yet there was a man that remained righteous and through him two other men could have been saved- his sons in law to be but they refused, they said it was a joke that God can’t destroy the land. That man was Lot, he refused to be part of ungodly behaviour.

Now, in our own generation sin is normal thing of our daily activities, what was it that they were doing then in Sodom that’s not in our time even if not worse, sexual immoralities even in the church, lies amidst the brethren. Today, those we refer to as brethren will tell you that you can’t do without committing one sin or the other.

But in Sodom, despite all the atrocities of the people, Lot stood for righteousness. In Sodom, Lot was righteous, in your office can you be proved to be truthful in your business? It’s true that this generation is worse but must you also join them? Remember, you are not of this world.

Sexual immoralities was nothing in Sodom yet the two daughters of Lot were still virgins, you don’t have to sell yourself cheap too for a Sodomite even if it’s the practice of the world, rather keep  yourself for the right man that comes from the city of God.

In conclusion, brethren know first who you are, understand who you are. Joseph understood this, if he had slept with his master’s wife he could have been promoted in his master’s house but he would forever be a glorified slave. He wouldn’t have become the prime minister. Don’t deny your faith, don’t be shy to claim you are of God, a greater joy and glory await you in coming days.

Stay bless as you carry your cross and follow Christ.