(SCREENSHOT: YOUTUBE/PERRY STONE)Pastor Perry Stone in a sermon published online in June 12, 2018.

By Stoyan Zaimov

End Times pastor and televangelist Perry Stone of Voice of Evangelism, Tennessee, recently claimed that world leaders, particularly in Europe, have not only abandoned their Christian background, but actively pray to Satan.

In a sermon last week on his Manna-Fest program, Stone talked about the rise of the “deep state” in Western society, which he warned is a secretive network of rich and powerful people who have a globalist vision.

Stone argued that such people “unite over money, they control shipping, trade, the global banking system,” adding that in some cases they also “control the leaders of the major religions around the world,” without naming names.

He said that this network “works in the shadows,” but added that because God “never lets Satan control everything,” sometimes good does come out of it. For example, because of globalism people are able to hear the Gospel in places where it is restricted or banned.

Later in the sermon, Stone said that a few years ago he had a meeting with a billionaire businessman, who informed him that globalist world leaders don’t view Satan as a fallen angel, but as someone who God is “jealous” of and has given a bad rap.