The best thing is that the Audi was always my favourite car due to its stability. I put on the GPS and off I drove. 1hour, 20Minutes later, I was at the hospital, the two had lost a lot of blood, they needed immediate blood transfusion.

The doctor said that the compatible blood for them had just finished so I had to purchase it from outside or look for donors. I could donate but my blood would not be of help to the two, I had no money and Ritah was still unconscious. I decided to go look for some well wishers to donate blood for the two. As I was loitering around I bumped onto someone, it was Dan, the guy I hit with the BMW.

“Hello, we meet again, what are you doing here?” He asked. “My two friends were shot by the person behind the accident and they need blood, the hospital is out of stock so am looking for donors.” I said.

Dan had come with a few friends to visit one of his employees at the hospital, he asked the friends to volunteer and save lives.

By good luck, they all were universal donors, the accepted to donate blood for Ritah and Zac.

Later on, Dan gave me his card and said, “If you ever need any help, call me, I owe you my life.

He left and I stayed back to wait for Ritah to wake up, Zac had been sedated since he needed to rest.

Ritah finally woke up and we talked for almost an hour then I left. On my way out, I met with James, he gave me an envelope.

“What is this James?” I asked.

“That is a legal document to show that you now own the share of Anne’s property.” He said.

“Can you explain please?” I said.

“I am Mr. George’s lawyer hence I have his will.

Anne wrote you as her next of kin and wished that if anything happened to her, the share she was to get from her dad to be given to you.” James said.

“You mean Anne is gone?!” I asked.

“The police found a body today in the woods. The face had been burnt with acid but the lady was wearing Anne’s clothes so they believe it was Anne. Am sorry for your loss.” James said.

Tears started cascading down my cheeks, I could not believe that Anne was gone.

“I will need you to sign this form to show you are the new owner of Anne’s share of the property.”

James said.

I signed the form and James left, giving me a copy of the form. A week later, Zac and Ritah were out of the hospital. I was the new CEO of George

Enterprises, I now owned a company which had several branches all over the nation.

The company was not financially stable, some employees had stolen from it after they heard of Mr. George’s death. I needed investors to invest in the company.

I researched about Dan and found out that he owned eight companies in total, I decided to call him for advice.

Dan planned a meeting and we met, he offered to donate money to my new company to help it stabilize.

“That is my gratitude for saving my life. I will help you familiarize with the business world.” Dan said and left.

One day, while in my office, Ritah walked in. She wore a bright smile.

“Hello Felix. She said.

“Hello too ma’am, what a honour to see you.” I replied smiling back.

“I heard about the company crisis, I came as soon as I could.” She said.

“Thank you ma’am but Dan made a donation and the company is now on it’s feet.” I said.

“The guy u hit?” She asked.

“Yes ma’am, it turns out he was super rich.” I replied.

“Very well, I also brought good news. For saving my life, I deposited some amount to your bank account and wrote one of my companies under your name.

We used to own it with Mr. George but I had more shares so I was the one in charge but I feel you deserve it, it is now all yours.” She said handing me some forms to sign.

My life had taken a dramatic turn, from a driver to a billionaire. I now owned two large companies.

Two months later, a lady walked into my office. She looked familiar though I could not remember where I had seen her before.

“Sir, am begging you to give me a Job please, even if it is a sweeping job, please I need money for my sick mother.” She said, kneeling in front of my desk.

“No! Don’t kneel please, have a seat. What is your name?” I asked. “Am Betty Sir.” She said.

That is when I recalled her, she was the girlfriend whom dumped me at the hospital after she realized

I was a driver. She was in torn clothes that is why I had not recognized her at first.

“Betty, how much does your mum need?” I asked.

“She needs one million, we sold all our property but still we are less one million sir.” She said.

I had started wearing spectacles, I got them off and stood up. Betty then looked at me in the face and she stood up holding her mouth in shock.

“Felix, is it you?” She asked.

“Yes Betty it is me. I now own this company.” I said politely.

Betty started crying, she asked for forgiveness. I believed in overcoming evil by doing good.

“I will pay for the remaining hospital bill.” I said.

“Thank you Felix.” She said.

“I also will give you a job and a house for you to live since you sold your home. Now go to that office and tell the lady there to get you something nice to wear.” I said pointing at an office opposite mine.

I paid for the hospital bill for her mum, she got treatment and started recovering. Betty had a degree in interior design hence I put her in charge of the interior design department.

The company started growing, I started building more branches in other towns and cities.

One morning I got a phone call, it was a new number.

“Hello, who is this please?” I asked.

“It’s me Felix, it’s me your boss, Anne.”

What happens next? Season 2 will reveal. Stay tuned