“Haha, poor Felix! Ever the innocent who is always in the dark. I sent my men to kill her.” Max said.

These words lit a fire inside my heart, I grabbed the gun from my waist and before I could fire a shot, Max had already fired his. I was hit on my left arm, I pulled the trigger but missed. I tried firing another shot but my armor was out, the guy I took the gun from had only one bullet left.

“Shit! Who keeps a gun with one bullet!” I murmured to myself. I threw the gun at Max, he dodged and fired another shot, this time, he also missed. He tried firing another shot but his armor was out too.

Before he could reload his gun, I ran and knocked him to the ground, I kicked the gun aside and started raining blows on him.

He tried knocking me off but the bitterness I had could not let me feel the pain of his blows. Zac threw me a machete, I grabbed it and I went straight for his head but he dodged and the machete cut through the floor.

He knocked me off and snatched the machete. He was about to chop off my head when I heard a gunshot.

Max all of a sudden stopped with the machete raised above his head. I then saw blood oozing from his left side of the chest.

I pushed him off, got up and saw Zac holding Max’s gun. When we were busy fighting, Zac took the gun and loaded it then used it to save my life. “Thanks Zac, you saved my life, I owe you.” I said.

“We are equal, you helped us escape. I also got him on tape confessing his evil deeds, I usual carry my recording tape with me too.” Zac said handing me the tape. “Dude, you are one Badass driver.” I said smiling.

“You have to always be ready for anything you know!” He replied.

“Yeah, talking of that, your boss needs urgent medical assistance.” I said looking at Ritah.

“How much longer does she have to be able to get to an hospital?” Zac asked.

“Two hours tops, the nearest hospital is an hour’s drive from the point we branched off the highway.” I said. “Then we have a problem Felix.” He said.

“Which problem?” I asked. “We don’t know where we are and we have no car fast enough. Also, I cant drive that fast, am not a fast driver.” He said.

I looked out through the door and saw Diana’s Audi, it was the car Max was using to do his deals.”I think today is her lucky day.” I said. “What do you mean?” Zac asked, looking confused.

“Well, we have a fast car over there, it has a direction GPS and what you don’t know about me is that I love fast cars because am a fast driver.” I said pointing at the audi. I told Zac to get Ritah as I check for the car keys in Max’s pockets. Just before Zac could lift Ritah, the guy seated in the front seat of the Land Rover walked in with a short gun.

“Everyone don’t move or I shoot.” He shouted.

I knew Zac still had Max’s gun so I needed to draw this guy’s attention for Zac to get the gun from his waist. “Oh boy! What the hell is that?” I said pointing away from Zac.

The guy stopped and looked at what I was pointing at and before he could notice I was just messing up with him, he had a bullet right in his head, I took the short gun. I knew one guy was not dead yet, the driver of the Land Rover, hence I took the car key and told Zac to take Ritah to the car.

Just after he had put her on the back seat, the driver of the Land Rover from far spotted Zac. I saw him but he could not see me, he just could see Zac. He started tiptoeing towards Zac trying to get a clear shot.

Somehow, Zac sensed and turned, he saw the guy pointing a gun at him. Zac tried to dodge but he was too late, he was hit on his right lower rib.

I now got a clear view of the guy and I merciless rained bullets on him. I then rushed to where Zac was, helped him get into the car and gave him a jacket which was on the front seat of the Audi to use it to slow his bleeding from the bullet wound….


Did Felix manage to save Ritah and Zac? Find out in the Final episode of season 1

Peace be with you