The guy who had brought us to the ‘guestroom’ was the one who was approaching. He came and stood at the door and said, “The boss wants the lady, he thinks she can be a nice meal before she dies.” He said chuckling. I looked at Zac and winked, the guy then unlocked the door. If he realized that Ritah was untied, we would be as good as dead, we had to attack before he could know it.

He approached Ritah, then when about to grab her, he stopped suddenly.

“Why do I have a bad feeling?” He asked. “Maybe because thunder is about to strike.” I said

smiling. “What did you just say?” He asked coming towards me.

“You heard me dude, thunder about to strike, can’t you see the clouds have started forming?” I said pointing up.

This guy was really an imbecile, he looked up expecting to see the sky, only to see a roof. Before he could realize the game I was playing, I had already rose from the floor and landed my fist on his Adams apple.

He was holding a machete, I quickly grabbed it and before I could chop off his arms, Zac had already stabbed him right in his chest.

We locked him up in the ‘guesthouse’ and started searching for our way out. I was in front, Ritah at the center and Zac behind.

I then spotted two guys in a room playing cards, I told Zac to take out the one with a machete and I take the one with a gun on his waist. The two were busy playing as they sipped some

alcohol, they could not hear us get in. Before they knew it, they had several cuts on their bodies.

I took the gun and Zac took the Machete. “Listen up, I have a gun, we will need to split up. I

must find this boss of theirs, you two find the way out, I will catch up with you once I find him or her.”

I said. “But Felix, these men are dangerous!” Ritah said.

“That is why I need to do this alone because I got a gun.” I said.

“What if you get killed?” She asked.

“Then tell Anne I died trying to look for her.” I said. “Am afraid that might not be possible.” She said. “Why not?” I asked, now getting curious.

“Because, that is why we are here.” She replied.

“I don’t understand, what do you mean? I asked, curiosity now getting the better part of me.

Before Ritah could answer, I heard a gunshot, I then saw Ritah drop to the ground. I looked up and saw who happened to be behind the Kidnapping of Anne.

“Max! You were behind it all?” I asked, burning with anger.

“Well! Well! Well! Surprise! I took advantage of Diana’s hatred for you to take out Mr. George. I knew Mr. George was not to use his car so I convinced Diana to hire someone to sabotage the Audi’s brakes since she believed you and your secret lover would be using it.” Max, Diana’s driver said.

“So you had to kill Edwin too?” I asked shaking due to anger.

“Edwin was just a catastrophe, you were to be a catastrophe too since I needed Mr. George, his wife and your secret lover out of my way. I had convinced Diana to write me as her next of kin in her documents so with the whole family dead, I frame Diana for their murder, she serves a life jail time, and I become rich!”

“How could you?! Why wipe off a whole family, innocent lives, just because of your greed for

money?” I asked.

“You are a stubborn one huh! You escape death, escape prison! Come on mehn! I was to let you be free if you stayed out of my way but see, you are now still following me! Am sorry mehn, I have to get you out of my way too since you know the truth.”

He said.

“Before you kill me in cold blood, I want you to answer me one question.” I said.

“And what’s your question? Ask already!” He said. “Where is Anne?” I asked.

Max looked at me then laughed out loud. His laughter made me get more angry.

“Oh! She did not tell you yet huh?” He asked pointing at Ritah who was now unconscious.

Ritah had been hit on her right shoulder, due to shock, she passed out.

“Tell me what?” I asked with an angry tone.