“Felix, what is it? Why did we have to stop? Ritah asked.

“I need to know where am being taken!” I said.

“Come on! You are such a baby, a paranoid one for that matter.” She said.

“Am not being paranoid Ritah, I just am cautious. They say prevention is better than cure, where the hell are you taking me?” I asked.

“So now you don’t trust me huh?” She replied.

“Trust? Not yet, I barely know you personally.” I said, sounding paranoid.

“Okay. You asked me for a favour and I did it for you, I proved your innocence and through my sources, I might be knowing where your secret lover was taken. Am afraid I cant tell you more than that.” She said.

“You found Anne?” I asked.

“Driver, get us going please.” Ritah said ignoring my question.

We drove for about half a mile then the car stopped.

“Why did you stop!” Ritah asked the driver.

“Ma’am,  there is log blocking the way in front of us.” The driver said.

“Oh! Shit! Not again!” Ritah exclaimed.

“Turn around fast and speed off.” She added.

I was caught up in a mêlée, I was from prison just a few hours ago and now am in the middle of a life and death situation, it seemed like death was following me everywhere I went.

“What is going on Ritah? You said am being paranoid, now my life is in danger and I don’t know why!” I said.

“Calm down Felix. The guys who took Anne are the same guys who blocked the road am sure. Some officers were sent over to where Anne is being held, it looks like they got overpowered, we need to turn back before they realize we are here and get backup.” She said.

When the driver was turning the car, it slipped into the ditch and got stuck. We had no choice but get out and run on foot.

We had barely gotten out of the car when I saw two men stand in front of us, pretty huge guys. I got my arms in the air and got out of the car slowly.

One guy grabbed me by the shirt and the other grabbed the driver and Ritah.

“So you are the other troop sent to attack us huh? One of the men asked.

None of us answered. They tied us up then took us to a waiting Land Rover. They threw us at the back of the Land Rover like some cabbages and then one guy climbed at the back while the other went to sit in front with the waiting driver.

The guy at the back guarding us blindfolded us with some black clothes so that we could not trace where we were being taken.

After approximately half an hour, the car stopped and then I heard the front door open.

“Get them out and take them to the guestroom.” The guy seated in the front seat said.

I started wondering, who are these people? They kidnap us then take us to a guestroom! That was weird!

The guy guarding us removed our blindfolds and ordered us to climb down. He then took us to a dark warehouse and locked us in what seemed to be once a horse stable .

“Welcome to your guestroom, the only difference with our guestrooms, you don’t give orders, we do.” He said sarcastically.

That’s when I realized they weren’t any different as I thought, the guy in front was just mocking us.

“Ritah, are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes am fine.” She said.

“How about you Zac?” I asked Ritah’s driver.

“Am gud, just hit my left shoulder when they threw us in the car.” He replied.

“Good, we need a plan to free ourselves, any suggestions?” I asked.

There was silence for sometime then Zac said,

“I usually carry my penknife in my shoes but can’t reach it since my hands are tired on my back.”

I rolled to his feet, sat in front of him so as to reach for his shoe since I too was tied on my back. I got the penknife but I could not cut the rope tying me.

“Zac turn around and put your hands next to mine.” I said.

Zack turned around and I managed to cut him free, he took the knife and cut me loose then helped Ritah untie herself.

I was about to unlock the door when I heard heavy footsteps heading towards where we were.

“Everyone, sit down fast and put your hands behind your backs. Pretend as if you are still tied.” I said as I rushed back and sat where I was.