“Objection your honour! The evidence provided by the police shows that the respondent is guilty. It ties him to the crime!” Diana’s lawyer said.

“Yes it does your honour but what they did not tell this court is that the police who provided these reports fabricated them.” James said.

“Mr. James, do you have any prove to show your words are correct?” The judge asked.

“Your honour, these reports state that my client tampered with the brakes to the Audi car, I see nowhere written that  the car he was driving that very same day had a brake malfunction too.

Your honour, I believe no man would tamper with the breaks of  the car he will be driving and still drive at a speed of 100Km/h.” James said.

“Objection your honour, that does not prove that Felix had no motive.” Diana’s lawyer said.

“Objection overruled. Mr. James go on.” The Judge said.

“Your honour, the reports state that my client targeted his boss, in the contrary, the person behind the two accidents had no motive of killing Mr. George. The two cars, the Audi and the BMW, both had brakes failure just a day after my client was threatened by Miss Diana.

The BMW belongs to Jane, Mr. George’s wife, whom  does not get along well with her daughter Diana, and the Audi belongs to Anne, their 1st born daughter, who went missing just after she claimed to have evidence that shows Diana was behind the murder. Your honour, the previous day before the accident, Diana threatened both Anne and my client.” James said.

“Mr. James did you see the claimed evidence Anne had?” The prosecutor asked.

“Before she went missing, Anne sent me a video clip and told me in case she does not make it to court, I give this clip on her behalf.” James said handing over his phone for the judge to watch the video.

The video was projected on a screen for everyone to see and Diana could not believe it.

“Your honour, having watched that clip, I am requesting for a court order for the arrest of Diana and all the police officers whom fabricated evidence against my client.” James said.

“Having seen the evidence by Mr. James, I hereby give my verdict.” The Judge said handing over the verdict to the prosecutor to read.

“As for your request Mr. James, I grant it and order for the arrest of all involved in the sabotage of the two cars and Fabrication of evidence. Let this serve as a lesson to all.” She added.

I felt relieved, I could not imagine how life would be for me inside the prison

“Based on the evidence provided, this court finds Mr. Felix not guilty hence free to go.” The prosecutor read the verdict.

I could not thank James enough, he saved me! Diana and the police officers involved in the fabrication of evidence were all arrested.

As I walked out of the courtroom, I met Madam Rita outside waiting. She had been waiting outside all along.

“How did you know I would win the case?” I asked.

“Because Mr. James here has never lost in any case.” She said smiling.

“Any news on Anne?” I asked.

Her smile faded away slowly and then she gave me a weird stare. I could tell something somewhere was wrong.

“Come with me Felix, I have something I need to show you.” She said.

I got into her car and we drove off.

In the car, there was total silence, I decided to break the silence.

“Ritah where are you taking me?” I asked.

“It were best if you saw for yourself Felix.” She replied.

“See what?!” I asked.

She did not answer my question.

“Ritah see what?” I asked again.

“Just be patient Felix, will you? We are almost there.” She replied calmly.

I now started shaking, I neither had any idea of where Ritah was taking me nor what she wanted to show me.

Just then her driver got off the highway and drove to an all weather road off the highway.

“Stop the car right now!” I shouted.

“What’s wrong Felix?” Ritah ask.

“Just stop the damn car!” I shouted again.

“Okay, you heard him, stop the car.” Ritah said.

The route we had branched to had passed through some thick woods, we were already more than a hundred metres into the woods, the car stopped………..


What was Rita up to? Let’s keep reading