On seeing that the police are stopping her car, Diana told Max to turn around and speed off.

Just before Max could turn the car around, the police threw spikes and the tyres were punctured.

Diana came out of the car and decided to run, she was very lazy, unlike Anne, she never had the morning runs. She ran for less than a hundred metres then got tired.

The police arrested her and the following day she was taken to court, it was her word against mine.

In one way or another, she managed to have the case postponed and released on a cash bail.

After the case was postponed, I drove to the hospital, (In Mr. George’s car.), to go and check on Anne and Dan.

When I got to the reception, I recalled Jane too was involved in the accident so I enquired about her.

“She is in the ICU.” The nurse at the reception said.

I requested to see her and I was taken to the ICU room. She was on a life supporting machine, next to Dan.

I sat there, tears dropping one drop after the other, wondering why Diana had to do all this. I was lost in my thoughts when I heard someone move.

I turned my head and saw Dan open his eyes. He looked pretty exhausted.

“Excuse me, where am I?” Dan asked.

“You are at the hospital sir.” I replied calmly.

“How did I get here?.” He asked.

“I brought you sir.” I replied.

“What happened so that I end up in the ICU?” He asked, seeming to had lost memory.

“You were involved in an accident sir. My car’s brakes failed and you were crossing the road at the roundabout, I tried to evade you but it was too late, the edge of the car hit you so I took you and rushed you here.” I answered.

“That was my mistake, I put you at a hard place. I was rushing to get my car, I needed to get somewhere fast so I thought of crossing the highway at the round about, I had not seen your car approach.” He said.

“Am sorry sir I hit you.” I said.

“I should be the one apologizing, I did not give you much of a choice, there was nothing you could have done. You are a kind man, you saved my life, you did not run away like many would, Thank You.” He said.

“I prayed for you to wake up every single day. Let me go call the doctor.” I said.

I walked out of the ICU and came with a doctor. She examined Dan and recommended he gets a full body scan just to be sure she didn’t miss anything.

The scan showed that he had a broken rib and the rest of his body was all fine.

“How much is my hospital bill?” Dan asked.

“I already took care of that, just worry about getting healed.” I replied.

I excused myself and went to see Anne, she was back to her jovial mood. She felt much better now, she could comfortably smile.

“Hello there Bosslady. How are you feeling?” I asked.

“Much better my crazy driver.” She said smiling.

“You look happy today, any good news?” I asked.

“Yes, am being discharged today.” She said.

“Wow, am taking you home finally.” I said faking a smile.

I knew sooner or later, I had to break the news to her. I did not want to be the bearer of the bad news but I had to tell her everything soon after she was out of the hospital.

I did the necessary clearance and Anne was discharged. She was ready to leave so I held her arm and we headed for the car.

I opened the left front door for her and helped her get in. I then closed the door and went to the reception, I had forgotten my phone there. I took the phone and returned to the car.

“Felix why are we using Dad’s car?” Anne asked.

“Because he is using yours ma’am.” I said.

“But he should be back by now!” She said.

I ignored her statement, I did not know what to tell her. It was neither the right place nor the right time to break the bad news to her.

“Are you hungry?” I asked.

“Yes, I am very hungry Felix.” She said.

“How about I drive you to a hotel for lunch?” I asked.

“I would really appreciate.” She said.

I took her to a fancy hotel, we sat at the hotel’s garden, I needed a cool place for both of us.

After having lunch, I looked at Anne and said,

“Anne, there is something I want to tell you. I hope it will not affect you……

Make we continue tomorrow. Peace