Mr. George was covered in blood, he was in a very critical condition. I took the remote to the reception and told the nurse at the reception not to let Anne watch the TV till the accident reports were over.

I decided to stay around and wait for the doctors to do a surgery on Mr. George. An hour later, I saw a doctor come out of the theatre. I rushed towards him and asked,

“Doctor, how is he?”

The doctor looked at me for a while then told me to follow him to his office, he was the senior surgeon.

“What is your relation with that man?” He asked.

“He is my uncle.” I lied.

“Am sorry to break it to you but we did all we could, he did not make it.” The surgeon said.

I slowly got off the seat, opened the door and walked out tears rolling down my cheeks.

I could not believe it, all the things happening seemed like a bad nightmare I would wake up from, but they were not, it was a reality.

I could not face Anne, not with all the tears in my eyes. I decided to go home and find Diana.

On arriving at Mr. George’s home, I found Diana was not at home, I looked for her allover but there was no sign of her.

Max was not home too neither was Diana’s car. I tried calling Max but his phone was off, I did not bother calling Diana since she never picked up my calls.

I decided to go check if Mr. George’s Lexus had been fixed. I took the bus since there was no car I could use at the homestead and the Lexus Mr. George gave me, I left it upcountry.

I never thought I would need my car while in town because I always used Anne’s car to go wherever I wanted, in the name of am taking the car for maintenance.

I found the Lexus ready for use and took it. I drove to the nearest police station to file a report about the findings from my accident so that the police could investigate the issue.

After filing the report, the officer then told me that after investigation was done on the accident involving the Audi and the saloon car, the report showed that the Audi’s brakes failed too.

This could not be a coincidence, no way both cars would leak the brake fluid just a day after Diana threatened me.

“I think I have a suspect officer.” I said.

“Who is your suspect?” The officer asked.

“Diana, Mr. George’s younger daughter. She always said how she hated me and her sister Anne. She ever complained that her mother would always favour Anne and neglect her.” I replied.

“And how does that make her a suspect in causing an accident which killed her father?” The officer asked.

“Mr. George was not supposed to be in that Audi, he always used his Lexus, the one parked outside the station.” I said pointing at Mr. Georges car.

“I now see a motive, go on please.” The officer said.

“That Audi is Anne’s, we were supposed to be the ones using it but Mr. George switched the cars last night. His Lexus had a mechanical problem hence was taken to the garage. Since he was to go for a vacation with his wife, he told me to drive Anne in the BMW, which belongs to his wife, and them they ride in the Audi, which belongs to Anne.” I said

“Now you are making sense.” The officer said.

“Officer, the BMW just had it’s whole braking system changed, the Audi is just a few months old, it makes no sense how the two cars fail the brakes the same day, just a day after Diana threatens me.” I said.

The officer sent a message to all traffic officers to look for a shiny Black Audi, I gave him the car’s number plate so as to track the car with ease.

He ordered the immediate arrest of Diana. A few minutes later, an officer checked in and said that he had spotted the car.

“Stop the car and arrest both the driver and the lady being driven.” The officer at the station ordered the traffic officer….

Was Diana arrested ? LET’S Move to the next Episode