It got me thinking, after I rolled with the BMW, it’s braking system was changed the whole of it, no way it could leak so soon.

I was about to leave and go see the extent of the damage on the car when the doctor came and said,

“Anne is awake, we will have to put her in the cat scan to see if she has any internal damage.”

“Can I see her?” I asked.

“Maybe for a minute.” He said.

I went to Anne’s room, she was lying on the bed still in shock.

“Are you oky bosslady?” I asked, trying to fake a smile.

“What happened Felix? How did I get here?” She asked, perplexed.

“We had an accident, I was trying to evade a man who was crossing the road and the brakes failed so we hit a ditch.” I said.

“Did we hit the man?” She asked.

Before I could answer her question, the doctor came in and said Anne had to be taken for the cat scan, they took her the scan room.

“Ritah, would you mind taking me to the garage the car was taken?” I asked Ritah.

“Sure, I can drop you off at the garage before I head to the office.” She said.

She went to the reception, gave the required details for the bills to be cleared by her finance  coordinator and we left.

She dropped me at the garage, gave me her business card and left. I asked to be shown where the car was. After seeing it, the mechanic said,

“I think someone tampered with your brakes. This looks like a set up to get you killed.”

On hearing his words, only one person crossed my mind, Diana. I took a bus back to the hospital and was told that Anne would stay at the hospital for a couple of days then be discharged.

As for Dan, he was still in the ICU, in a comma. I really prayed he wakes up some day.

Anne needed to rest so I decided to sit at the waiting bay for the doctor to come with some forms I was required to sign, hospital’s protocol.

I sat there watching the News when I saw a Breaking News alert pop up, there was a deadly accident involving an Audi and a Saloon car.

This caught my eyes and I focused keen on the screen. Both drivers had died on the spot and the passengers were in a critical condition except for a lady who escaped with minor injuries.

Just then I saw the number plates of the Audi, it was Anne’s car. I could not believe my eyes, Edwin had perished in the accident and Mr. George together with his wife were in a critical condition.

The reports said that the Audi had lost control and rammed into the oncoming saloon car. The lady who escaped with minor injuries was from the saloon car.

I rushed to the wardroom Anne was taken, she was about to switch on the TV. I quickly unplugged it from the socket and told her she needed to rest.

“I can’t get sleep Felix, I feel bored.” She said.

“But the doctor said you were lucky the head injury was minor though you need to rest.” I said trying to sound calm.

“Felix are you okey?” She asked.

“Yes am fine, why did you ask?” I replied.

“Because it is not like you to have shaking hands. Why are your hands shaking? She asked.

“I guess it is because I feel guilty.” I said.

“Guilty of what?” She asked.

“Putting you on that bed.” I lied.

The reason why I was shaking was because of the news I just saw but I could not let Anne know, not now atleast.

“Felix you did all you could, it was not your fault that the brakes failed, after all, I am fine just a minor head injury.

Talking of brakes, did we hit the man?” She asked.

“Yes, I hit the man Anne.” I said now a tear building up on my eyes.

“Oh My Goodness! Is he okay?” She asked now shocked.

“He is in a comma, in the ICU.” I replied facing down.

“He will wake up Felix, have faith. I will pay for his bills don’t worry.” Anne said.

“A lady by the name Ritah already paid for all his bills.” I said.

We talked for a few more minutes then I left Anne to sleep. I took the TV remote and went with it to leave it at the reception. I had just gotten out of Anne’s wardroom when I saw Mr. George been rushed to the theatre room……


Did Mr. George Survive? What of Dan?  What happened to Jane? Find out in the next episode.