There are many people regarded today as celebrities whom people or the publics revere because they have achieved some feat in their chosen Endeavour but not in their marriage Endeavour. They are celebrities but not celebrated husbands in their family.

Many of these celebrities are celebrated fornicators, celebrated drunkard, celebrated lairs, celebrated smokers, celebrated night crawlers, celebrated evil dancers, celebrated rapists, celebrated thieves, celebrated ritualists, celebrated wife beaters and so on.

Many men who ought to be celebrated as men or head of the family- husband do not have what it takes to be celebrated. They lack knowledge of being real men as God, our father has proposed it. Many men are husbands aged seventy but with the mind of seventeen years of age.

They live in selfishness, anger, nagging, no sense of obligation to their wives and children, reporting their wives to family members around or even far, they live in bitterness about their wives and children. They are forced to go to church or they don’t go at all, they don’t know or have forgotten what their maker requested of them.

These men are the head of the family forces; they yell and shout in the house as the lion living in the zoo or as the garrison commander on the parade ground in their house. They shout and curse because that is their command language but they are seen as pleasant men by their neighbours at the initial stage until their home traits are displayed outside.

These men are not real, they are not real men. They pretend as if things are working in their marriage. Though you see them wearing uniform with their wives, they are married but still single in their heart. There is separation between them and their wives’ spirit and soul.

Some of them have more than enough to share with their family but cannot except it’s for their tiny legged girl friends or their sinner friends and partners- partners in crime.

However, a man with wisdom and understanding is a celebrated husband. A celebrated man is a real man. This is a man that knows the purpose of God for his life. A real man is formed in the image of God and has the likeness of God in him. He carries and desires the presence of his father continually; He has the breath of life in him.

A celebrated man carries the breath of life with him at all time and does not forsake or leave the breath of life at anytime. Also, he does not carry a contaminated breath because he is not entangled to the things that will hinder his breath for a healthy living. Of a surety, he is a faithful man.

He is a man that the woman can lean on, he gives his shoulder for the woman to put her head and be comforted. He wipes her tears with words of assurance and prayers.

A celebrated man is a husband that shows he loves his wife openly before his children and the public. He frequently expresses his love to his wife and children with his actions and not mere words.

He works on his wife to make her better because he knows the wife is his image to the people around them and even afar. He lovingly and prayerfully corrects and not bark at her to make her bitter for him, the children and family as a whole. He mentors the wife and the children together because he makes his image in them.

He works together with his wife to correct their children. The children are rebuked when they commit an offence. A celebrated husband does not spare the rod when the children err but corrects in love and gives understanding to them. He also recommends the children as at when due but does not lavishly give recommendation to his children and not selfish in either correcting or recommending his family.

The celebrated man is a priest of his family. He prays for his wife and children, he holds the family devotion as the head of the family. He does not delegate or relinquish the responsibility of family altar to the wife or makes other members of the family do as they like or as it pleases them to do.

A celebrated husband is a chartered family man. He is responsible in providing for his own house. He looks after the wellbeing of his family before his ministry, job or business and at the same time other things does not suffer in his hand that he wouldn’t be effective as the head spiritually, financially, emotionally etc. He is a psychologist to his family needs in every way.

He must be and he is an award winning man, he has what it takes to be a man, he is in charge to lead by example.