“Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gets understanding, for the gain from it is better than gain from silver and its profit better than gold”.

Sometimes around 1996, my dad called all of his children to a family meeting. Mum too was present.

Dad announced to us that he had an intention to buy a car but he also thought about the fact that he could get a desktop computer for the home.

He asked for our input. At that point, desktop computers were still pretty expensive.

Guess what the family chose- The desktop computer. It was a great choice.

Buying a car was more prestigious. Buying a computer was more rewarding. Buying a car would have fed our ego and a sense of class but buying a computer fed the future.

Today, I can still trace what we all do to that major decision. My brother has been publishing since he was a Polytechnic student.

He used that desktop as his first office. He has a publishing house and a press today.

My sister is creative to a fault. She can edit videos, do graphics and when you give her cloths to design, that caps it all! She runs her own outfit too.

Here I am leveraging on information technology to share the gospel.

Don’t allow the big mouth of pleasure to eat your future. Do not eat today what can feed you tomorrow.

No farmer eats the best seed. They replant it for a greater harvest next season. Do not eat tomorrow today friend.

Esau sold his birthright (He was called a fornicator because he loved instant gratification). He sought it tearfully but it was gone.

Where would you be today if you had invested in that training, workshop or book yesterday?

Do not blame the devil for where you are when all you did was visit shopping malls, stock up cloths, catalogue movie tickets and visit eateries.

I celebrate my Dad and Mum, they bought the future. But I ask myself: what will my kids say of me?


I have the spirit of wisdom. I make the right decisions. I buy the future.


Father, help me never to be controlled by the desire for pleasure. May I always seek after wisdom at all times. Amen.