“What do you want to tell me Felix?” She asked.

I could see how happy she was, I could not ruin her Joy. I tried to tell her but words could not form.

“I wanted to tell you that Dan, the man I hit woke up and he will be fine.” I said

“Wow, that is great news! Am glad to hear that Felix.” She said.

“Anne….” I said.

“Yes Felix? You look bothered, are you okay?” She asked.

“Yeah, I just don’t know how to put what am about to tell you.” I replied

“Just say it already Felix, am fine, I can handle anything you tell me.” She said.

“I think I have feelings for you.” I lied.

I was unable to break the news to her. She looked at me and then smiled.

“Felix, that I knew a long time ago. I have feelings for you too.” She said.

“Are you full now? You need to refreshen up.” I said.

We left the hotel and Anne requested I take her home. She was my boss so I drove her wherever she wished.

When we got home, there was awkward silence in the homestead, as if no one used to live there.

“Where is everyone? It is too quiet around here.” Anne asked.

I did not answer her, instead I asked her to come with me to my room. She accepted my request and followed me to the room.

“Felix, should dad not be back by now?” She asked.

“Have a seat dear, there is something I have been trying to tell you but I could not.” I said.

Anne’s face changed, she now was filled with terror, it was written allover her face.

“Felix what is it that you finding so hard to tell me?” She asked with a trembling voice.

“Your car also had a malfunction with it’s brakes.” I said.

Anne started crying. She then said, “Please tell me its not what am thinking.”

“Edwin lost control and rammed into an oncoming saloon car, he died on the spot.” I said now tears building up in my own eyes.

Anne started crying out loud, I found myself crying too.

“Am sorry dear to be the one telling you this but in one way or another, someone had to tell you. Your mum is in a comma in the ICU but your dad did not make it, he passed on at the theatre.” I said.

On hearing this, Anne fainted. I gave her first aid and about half an hour later she woke up. I tried my best to console her, I would not let her get out of my sight.

I was there trying to console her when Diana stormed into the room.

“How dare you call police on me? She asked.

I ignored her and assumed her presence. She saw I was assuming her so she came and pushed me. Anne was lying on my chest.

“It’s you am talking to silly driver.” She said.

Anne was still in shock, she could not even hear her. I slowly put Anne on the sofa, stood up and looked at Diana.

“Who the hell do you think you are to call cops on me?” She asked.

I lost my temper and swung my hand, I landed a pretty heavy slap on her face, she went down.

“You try killing Anne, your mum and I and still have the guts to push me?” I asked, burning with anger.

“The three of you deserved it. I thought messing your brakes would kill you but I see you survived.” She said, getting up from the floor.

“Well, I hope you are now happy your stupidity killed Edwin and your Father.” I said, almost slapping her again.

Anne was the one who held me back not to hit her again.

“Felix, its okay, police will deal with her.” Anne said.

“Wait, Dad is dead?” Diana asked.

“You now acting as if you don’t know he was in the Audi which you messed up the brakes!” I said with bitterness.

For the first time I saw Diana moved by feelings.

“How could Max not tell me that Dad had switched cars?! I heard her mummer to herself.

Then there was a knock at the door……


Who was at the door? Find out in the next episode.